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Hal Ackerman  Talk to the Stars
Peter Stine  Detroit Marathon
Mark Pearson  The Short History of an Ear
Dale Rigby Playing Weight
Patrick Moser Soul Surfing
B. J. Hollars The Last Loss
Philip Gerard The Winner is.
Jay Lesandrini Waiting on Deck
Kerry Herlihy A New Baseball Nation


Sean Prentiss Sean Prentiss

Alternative History

Ben Giamo  Jack of Jacks


Scott F. Parker Racing Ghosts
Tom Reynolds Mile Run
David Ebenbach How to Run Your First 5K
Jack Ridl from Losing Season
Paul Nelson Boxers
John Mavin Two Minutes
Donna J. Gelagotis Lee Running from Predators
  Sure Footing
  Washing My Horse's Sheath
Michael Barach Swim Lesson



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