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Sport Literate

Table of Contents

Another Issue of the Big Shoulders

Volume 5 Issue 1


The Habit of Borrowing
Lorie Kolak

Photo Essay: Girls Got Game: Images of sporting women in yesterday’s Chicago

Baseball’s Black Prince
Donald Dewey

Getting the Story
Felicia Schneiderhan

Interview: Blog, Blog for Old Notre Dame: A conversation with Jay Barry of the Blue-Gray Sky

I Was an Indian Princess
Gina P. Vozenilek

How to be a Tour Guide in Chicago
Erika Mikkalo

Incidental Contact
Michael W. Cox

Fourth and Forever: My semi-professional season with the Lafayette Lions
William Meiners


The Game
Robert Funge

Swimming for the Boat, Walking Among the Salmon, Bass Fishing, Explanation 5, Explanation 7
Norman German

High School Hockey Game
Valerie Wieland

Southern Hockey
John Grey

Bowling Is a Sport or Pastime, Good Exercise and Even Occasionally Educational
Ruth Moon Kempher


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